One way to spruce up your interior design is by incorporating geometric shapes and patterns. The good news is that there are endless applications, as geometric designs can fit into any feature of the room; furniture, walls, lighting, tiles and even carpets. Want to add an interesting flair to your interior? onestop is here to help. Read on to find out more!


Bold geometrical designs seen in Dirty Martini, Cardiff

As mentioned, geometric designs are versatile; they can accommodate any style or theme. It’s up to you how much or how little you want to apply shapes and patterns! Whether you’re going for a maximalist or minimalistic style, the oddities are sure to add texture to a space, setting a mood and tone. Angular patterns such as triangles, exude a bold sense of energy in a room due to their dynamic and sharp points, while shapes with curves emanate a gentle and minimalistic tone.

Furnishings are one of the key factors when choosing a theme for your geometric patterns. For example, a coffee table with cleaner and sharper lines can help balance out the soft contours of sofa cushions in a living room. To avoid confusing or visually overwhelming individuals, it is important to strike a balance. With the versatility of geometric designs, they can be incorporated into any theme for your interior setting to bring out the best in your space.


Interior Design by Yevhen Zahorodnii featured on Home Designing

Aside from thematic design, colours can also affect the mood and tone of a space; for geometrical designs a bright or neutral palette works best, but this is also dependent on where the patterns are placed. For example, placing bright coloured patterns in a prominent area of a room generates a bold atmosphere. On the other hand, neutral coloured patterns arranged in subtle locations can create a more mellowed scheme. Either way, geometric patterns will add a distinct flair to the setting while keeping with the overall feel of the room. No matter the tone you wish to set for the space, choosing the right colour palette can certainly help to achieve the intended effect.


Tempaper wallpaper in Halo print that adds a pop of colour to a small space

Because of space constraints in Singapore, we tend to have limited room to work with and would definitely want to maximise any leeway we have. Using geometric designs can freshen up a small space, making it look fun and trendy. In such spaces, geometric shaped tiles on the walls or the floors can also help set the mood of the room or add a pop of vibrancy without necessarily occupying more space. Incorporating these designs is a simple way to maximise a small space and make it look bigger than it actually is, while simultaneously adding a unique geometric element to it.


Overall, geometric shapes can add personality and visual appeal to any interior setting whether you prefer a more vivid and colourful theme, or a softer and more subtle design. Geometric patterns can also bring out the best of your space in a unique and dynamic way when paired with the right theme, colour scheme and space design. If you’re looking for a way to expand your creativity with geometrics in your space, get in touch with our team here for a free consultation!

10 September 2021