It’s 2019, and hotels are no longer just a place to sleep for the night. Instead, hotels are lively and festive places where people connect. As designers, we focus on the design trends we expect to see at hotels in Australia this year.

Since The Hilton Sydney opened in 1974, the hotel industry in Australia has been rising and booming ever since. Hotels in Australia faced unexpected lows in the 2000’s. This is one reason hotel chains and properties are working hard to be different from their competitors. Let’s take a look at certain areas where we could see change, in 2019.


In 2018, we experienced a trend towards neutralized colours. Pale tints and soft shades like washed out pink, blue, cool grey and white were prevalent. We also saw a rising trend in colours like rose gold and silver. However, in 2019, the director of design at HVS design, Christine Shanahan, says that hotels can be seen moving away from using pale colours and going towards washing a room with bold and natural colours.

Felix Hotel, Sydney

The reason behind, is that people having seen neutralized colours for a while. Now, they have started to enjoy bright and welcoming colours once again. Not only does it provide a natural feel, but also creates energy in the room. When looking at custom furniture in Sydney, we can see this factor becoming prevalent in furnishings and single walls.

Hobart’s Macq01 Hotel, Tasmania

Green is likely to be everywhere in 2019. According to Darren Palmer, one of Australia’s most renowned and influential interior designers, interior trends for 2019 are all about getting back to nature. He also said that he notices Coral colours everywhere in Calile, Brisbane in Fortitude Valley. The colour ‘Living Coral’ is an “animating and life-affirming shade of orange with a golden undertone” says Darren.

Calile Hotel, Brisbane


Speaking of inspiration from nature, be ready to see more natural elements in hotel lobbies and rooms like hanging plants, creepers, living walls, etc. Such practices don’t affect the quality or wellness of the structure or room which is why they are welcome.

A Balcony amidst the trees at the 2 bedroom villa in Pepper Noosa Resort

“People want greenery back as they need the warmth of something natural and alive” says Christine Shanahan,  director of design at HVS Design. A lot of prestigious hotels are now focused on providing people an experience that connects them with nature’s elements.

One example is Peppers Noosa Resort in Queensland. This quiet retreat is set in the middle of the rainforest of Noosa National Park, providing magnificent sea views and eco-friendly accommodations.

Bird’s Eye view of Peppers Noosa Resort in Queensland, Australia


When it comes to furnishing, velvet and other rich materials will be seen more and move. These tend to create a feeling of warmth and comfort during colder seasons. Instead of using modern furniture, we see a lot of hotels moving towards traditional antique-style furniture.

Hotels are now more inclined towards focusing on their heritage and history through their designs, be it furniture, walls, paintings or even service. Through the years, studies have shown that travellers prefer valuable experiences instead of tangible objects. They seek the comfort they get at home, which is why it is important to make the hotel rooms and public areas feel more homely and residential. One example is the QT Resort’s colourful custom furniture in Sydney.

QT Hotel & Resort in Sydney, Australia

In order to contribute to the hotel heritage, a lot of hotels in Australia are now inclined towards custom built furniture instead of ready-made furniture. Darren Palmer also addresses the fact that the demand for custom hotel furniture suppliers in Australia will continue to rise in 2019 as more and more hotels and resorts want their furniture to also reflect a lifestyle.

Be ready to see a change in sitting arrangements too, as we have seen a rising trend of using indoor furniture for outdoor purposes. It does make sense given the warm climate of Australia, but in 2019, this trend is expected to grow. We also have seen the rise in the usage of pod-like areas.

These areas are generally used by people who prefer a bit of privacy in public places like the lobby, restaurants, and outdoor gardens. As custom hotel furniture suppliers in Australia, we also expect to see a lot of changes in the design of furniture this year.

17 April 2019