The effects of the pandemic are most evident in the streets we walk in every day and it has not been kind to F&B establishments in particular. Even as the country gradually gets back to its original pace of life, the competition among F&B establishments continues to grow. The number of new bars and restaurants opening and closing fluctuates by the day.

It’s more important than ever to make sure your restaurant stands out from the rest. These days, it’s crucial to understand that not only do customers feed their appetites at your restaurants, but they also feast their eyes (and smartphones) on the aesthetics of the space too. We’ve kept a lookout for some of the latest interior design trends for restaurants that will surely capture the eyes of your customers. Have a look at the list below!


Combination of wooden ceiling and indoor greenery at Prive Clark Quay, Singapore

You can never go wrong with more wood and greenery on your premises. Alfresco dining has always been a popular theme here, and the onset of the coronavirus has only served to make it much more in demand. Having to spend so much of our time indoors, it’s only natural that customers would want to be more connected to the outdoors when they’re eating out. Even though city life has limited outdoor spaces, there are ways to bring the outdoors into your indoor spaces. Playing with wood textures and adding more wood elements in the interior can invoke a wild and raw appeal that still feels homely enough. When you combine these natural textures with more plants and indoor greenery, you’ll be able to introduce a unique, lively, and environmentally-friendly vibe to just about any space. And everyone knows that warm wood tones and lush greenery never go out of style!


Warm colours and patterns with cool-toned flooring and walls by Contrast Interiors

Sometimes, great design comes about from the most unexpected solutions. Mixing and matching furniture might sound unappealing at first, but when executed properly, it will create a truly unique space that your brand will be able to own—one that no other restaurant will have. It helps to break down the monotony of overdone curated spaces, injecting a curious sense of personality and homeliness to your business. Unconventional flooring and lighting options can also help to illuminate the space to its best potential. Some tried-and-tested combinations include using mixed metal lighting fixtures on industrial concrete-like flooring, with patterned fabric chairs and bright-coloured tabletops to warm up the features of the space.


Rich velvet textures against warm lighting seen at Jigger & Pony, Singapore

Say goodbye to winter’s cool tones and light colour palettes. This season, conveying a sense of homeliness and comfort is the name of the game. With the extremely turbulent affairs of the world hanging over everyone’s heads, the familiar comfort of home is greatly appreciated by all. By using warmer colour tones, you can provide that sense of security while also making the space feel more inviting. Its natural warmth also brings a sense of cleanliness to the space. Warmer tones are also known to instil a sense of excitement in the beholder’s eyes, increasing heart rates and stimulating hunger in them. Deep and rich colours like earthy browns and dark reds are good places to start and go well when paired with neutral palettes.


All in all, the success of your restaurant is dependent on what you put out for your customers to see, touch, feel, and taste. Being aware of the latest design trends certainly helps to make informed decisions on the aesthetics of your space, but it would be wise to consider how your chosen looks match the food you’re planning to serve too! We hope these trends have inspired you to prepare your business for the future. As always, we’re here to help you realise your dream projects. For customised solutions to your interior or if you’ve any furniture woes, do contact us here for a free consultation!

27 April 2021