It’s been a long time coming, but now, we’re thrilled to finally announce the completion of our very own in-house production facility in Solo, Central Java—adding a unique combined capability to our arsenal, together with our first in-house production facility in China.


Taking a bigger step in Indonesia was a natural progression for our team. Over the years, our operations in Indonesia had our warehouse and staff coordinating with various manufacturers, sub-suppliers and local home industries to fulfil and consolidate all orders. Now, we have easier access to a skilled workforce and material supplies, better control in production processes and manufacturing equipment, and more effective staff training management. Our new operationally-ready factory in Solo, Central Java marks the start of an exciting new beginning.


A luscious escape from the bustle of everyday life. An idyllic ocean paradise for one and all. The pioneering project by our Java factory sees our team working on 120 rooms and various public areas of a resort in the Maldives since the beginning of the year—all while combating the developing realities of the impact of COVID-19. As such, this ongoing project continues to throw up many challenges, but our team’s relentless perseverance and ability to adapt to the sharp changes make for the perfect counter.


The sudden emergence of COVID-19 posed a huge challenge for us. In addition to grappling with the intricacies of managing a full operation for the first time, we had to deal with delays due to partial lockdowns in both Singapore and Indonesia; issues with material availability; disruption of partnering suppliers’ businesses; staff movement restrictions; and shipping issues. Luckily, learning from the operational measures taken by our sister facility in China, we were able to plan ahead with assessing the specifications and preparing all technical shop drawings. Material samples and colour swatches were also secured smoothly before the lockdown restrictions were in effect. Thanks to our resourceful Indonesian production team, we were able to accumulate material stocks for production in anticipation of material shortages caused by lockdowns.


Joinery and Interior Works—Built-in wall shelving, bar counters, and glass features/artworks for multiple areas (restaurants, reception, pool bars, roof areas, etc). Each piece is fabricated, assembled, and inspected in Java before shipping for installation on site.

Loose FF&E (loose furniture)—From mass production to the development of one-off pieces, there are many different types of items commissioned, across categories such as seating (chairs and sofas), table, pottery and lighting. And they are made from various materials (metal, solid wood, plywood, natural and synthetic wicker, natural rattan, resin, clay and stone).


Bridging clients and designers—Regular weekly meetings are held between clients in the UK and Germany with our respective project representatives in Singapore and Indonesia. Here, designs are discussed and approved before assessing mock-ups and finalising details such as materials, colours, and finishes.

On-site project and main contractor management—Planning is the name of the game. We are constantly meeting with project managers on-ground, coordinating and discussing construction details and getting site measurements relayed to production. Delivery schedules are confirmed to determine the arrival of containers and transportation required to ensure the smoothest efficiency. After which, follows some of the more crucial logistical tasks required: securing the arrival of the on-site construction team to receive the materials and prepare for installation. This involves visa preparation, lodging, food arrangements, and the setting up of an on-site workshop and storage area. The project management team then ensures a smooth sailing operation with frequent correspondence with on-site managers via video conference.


Factory management—With Indonesia closing its city borders and all airports, and land transportation also restricted, our internal processes had to adapt quickly. The progress of our production team is now constantly monitored by the managers on the ground via video calls, assessing production issues and timelines. Internal mock-up assessments and tests are also held between teams in Indonesia and Singapore in the same manner. Staff are further trained in these applications and networks are upgraded to accommodate these new processes as well.

Setting up our virtual office—Google conferences. Zoom video calls. These terminologies are now a staple of our everyday vocabulary. The addition of this virtual channel of communication comes with it an inevitable development in the physical world as well. Now, we have dedicated enclosed spaces in factories with optimal acoustics for product assessments through video calls. Details and close-ups of items are sent over via high-resolution images before any video conference, as a workaround for slow networks, loading speed issues, or video camera image quality issues. Open communication about any changes to designs or schedules is the key to upholding efficiency between teams.


The growth of our Java factory has only just begun. As we continue to work with the best talents, score quality materials, and adapt to changing realities, we’re confident in our capabilities to carry out the finest projects within our expertise. Stay tuned for more news regarding our first large project ‘Finolhu’ and see the fruits of our labour—we can’t wait to be able to share it with you!

We look forward to being a part of your future projects and bring aboard our new perspectives. Reach out to us for any queries or consultation here.

29 JUNE 2020