Materials can make or break the mood of your space.

Whether you’re grooming places for living, work, or play, choosing the right materials for your furniture plays a crucial part in making the space of your dreams come alive. And if there’s one thing the recent COVID-19 situation has taught us, it’s to always be prepared – especially with insights that are useful to your future endeavours. So boost your immune system and your knowledge! By the end of this article, you’ll be familiar with the basic features of the most common materials – from design, appearance, functionality, durability, to most importantly, maintenance for a lasting usage.

Ready to get started? Our onestop team will guide you through choosing the right fit for your project, budget, and lifestyle. Now, let’s dive a little deeper into each of these materials!


One of the trending materials in use today, metals are highly durable in comparison with other materials and light up a space easily with its cool tones. Often used in conjunction with other materials, the right combination – such as metal and wood – can give your area an uplift in contemporary style. As long as you use the right one for the right space, you can hardly go wrong. Aluminium is light-weight, easy to clean and resilient to extreme weather conditions; Stainless Steel does not corrode easily or get rusty and is durable enough for storage shelving; Wrought Iron might be more on the expensive side with its hefty weight, but its cool and classy look for the outdoors is unmatched among the others.


Say ‘hello’ to your tropical paradise! If you’re looking for a solid and sustainable piece of furniture without the excessive weight, then Rattan pieces are your best bet. This highly durable material is one of the strongest forms of light-weighted wood, earning a category of furniture of its own. Naturally light golden in colour, it is suitable for accentuating your spaces – lending a bright tropical tone to your overall aesthetic. However, you should note that Rattan has a tendency to fade in sunlight, making it more suitable for indoor usage.


Natural. Strong. And highest in demand. Wood furniture is an evergreen popular choice for furniture. Among the different materials, it has the highest durability and lifespan (there’s a reason why the oldest Japanese temples are built out of wood). Naturally versatile in its use, it is perhaps the most well-rounded material to complement any aesthetic. And it comes in almost every type of furniture! Whether you lean more towards Teak, Pine, Cedar or Oak, you’ll end up with a beloved piece that’ll be able to weather any consistent usage throughout the years to come.


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The new kid on the block, moulded plastic comes in either fibreglass or polypropylene. It is extremely durable, light-weight, and resistant to extreme conditions. A product of the modern era, you’ll be able to find a variety of furniture that may come in a range of colours to pop your aesthetics and add a chic look to your spaces.


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When it comes to elevating your space and bringing a touch of luxury into your design, there’s none other than Fabric to make your living areas come alive. Nothing soothes the tired soul like the touch of a soft, luxurious fabric. Affordable and easy to find, it is also easy to maintain as long as you remember to check with the supplier if the fabric can be replaced while reusing the frame in the future. Our favourite go-tos are Linen, Cotten, Velvet, and Jute – each with its own merits.


And there you have it! A onestop introduction on some of the most sought-after materials and the best way to put them to use. You may also visit our previous blog post for useful tips when selecting outdoor furniture here. Or, check out our portfolio to see examples of how to make the most of your materials and space!

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27 June 2020