The hustle and bustle of our Lion City is quietly regaining its rhythm. As the COVID-19 Circuit Breaker measures end here in Singapore and we get moving onto our slow road to recovery, we’re starting to see a semblance of normality return to our daily lives. And we are not alone.

Travel bans and lockdowns are now carefully being lifted across various countries as the number of COVID-19 cases continue to be reduced globally. For the hospitality industry, the situation seems promising. While we can expect to see an increase in footfalls to hotels, restaurants, and entertainment venues, we can also expect to see the prevalence of several new types of consumers. Here are some of the upcoming consumer trends to watch out for, put together by the dedicated onestop team.


Going overseas? Getting a bite outside? Have a little shopping spree? These common activities are not as easily decided upon now as they were before. Even if it’s a local staycation or a trip to less congested countries, consumers are now a lot more cautious of where they’re going, who they can expect to be amongst, and what to prepare for the journey (masks, hand sanitisers, etc). Coming out of the lockdown and working from home, they’re looking to catch a break, but not at the cost of their own safety. As businesses that interact with the public, we should do all we can to assure them of their safety in our premises. Simple signages that reinforce sanitisation and implementation of safety measures, such as social distancing, can go a long way to earning a consumer’s trust.


Hygiene standards are no longer just a plaque on the door. These days, consumers are constantly on the lookout for the cleanest and most sanitised places to frequent. Such places not only exemplify a safe working standard for their customers, but also for their own employees. And it is a perfect way to instantly earn a consumer’s trust and provide them with a comfortable peace-of-mind to inspire repeated visits. Sanitising your furniture safely is essential. For some of the basic dos and don’ts, read our article here. For information on how you might introduce more measures in an appropriate way for your business, you can also find our design insights here.


Many consumers have led a quiet life at home through this period, occasionally sprinting out for a quick jog or an essential grocery run. After being in a comfortable environment for so long, they are starting to take notice of the little details in outside spaces—being more attentive to the differences around them than ever before. And now might be the time to play that into your own strengths. Whether you’re a restaurant or hotel, it is worth looking into simple ways to revamp your hospitality business for a quick visual uplift. We’ve got the low-down prepared for you here, from colour trends, to lighting tips, and outdoor furniture hacks.


Thanks to the government’s preparedness and island-wide cooperation from all of us, we can now enjoy the prospect of recovering from the effects of COVID-19. However, we should never be complacent. Adapting to the new normal, the new consumer concerns, and the new responsibilities are a must for a business to keep up with the times. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to take on the inevitable changes, so keep an open mind, listen to your consumers and continue adapting—we’re always here to assist you as well. If you are looking to refurbish or renew the look of your space in anticipation for the new influx of consumers, feel free to contact us for a chat.

8 June 2020