Previously, in one of our articles, we discussed being bold by choosing pink furniture that some people might baulk at. However, pink can be iconic if done right. Take Marrakech in Morocco for example. Known as Rose City, a rich shade of pink is seen as the prominent colour with many city walls and buildings coloured similarly. This was also part of a rule that their French rulers made many years ago. Today, while it may need some persuasion, we will be discussing why pink is seen as an upcoming trend and why it may be good for you to consider having pink in your space.


The Pink Hotel Coolangatta, Australia

Much like Marrakech’s magnificent city walls, many high-end hotels and restaurants sport different shades of pink. The iconic Beverly Hills Hotel was painted pink to reflect the Californian skies, especially during sunset. The Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel was painted in pink in 1918 as a symbol of peace during a year of pandemic, affecting millions of lives globally. Pink can also signify royalty as shown in the SUJÁN Rajmahal Palace which still houses HH The Maharaja of Jaipur. While we have been discussing pink exteriors, there’s also a place for royalty with pink interiors. In 2017, Prince Harry painted his room pink and accompanied it with greys that made the room look “very contemporary” according to a consultant. London is also home to two very pink spaces, Frank’s Cafe and The Gallery and it is not surprising that they are two of the most-Instagrammed restaurants in the city.


Pink and green interior design by Reutov Design, New York

Contrasting pink with other colours might be a headache for some but it really is quite simple. It matches most earthy and neutral tones like green, white, browns and blacks. Depending on which colour you choose, they can either make the colours pop or complement the pink. Gold is also a popular option that REDValentino took advantage of in 2017. In Singapore, popular hotpot restaurant Beauty in the Pot took to pink interior and furniture to be part of the Instagram trend. It was a refreshing look compared to their other outlets which had wooden brown oriental decor.


The Gallery, London

As mentioned before, sometimes all we need is a little push to be different. Places like SUJÁN Rajmahal Palace and The Gallery found success with pink while in Singapore, Hey Sugar’s simple interior accompanied with plants found popularity with young cafegoers. If ever there was a time to say that there’s never too much pink, it is now. Just take a look at The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, USA. Sitting on a sprawling 3,000 acres of land surrounded by Rocky Mountain vistas, the hotel is a prime example of “go big or go home”. The 5 Star resort boasts 20 restaurants, shopping galleries, spa, tennis courts, bowling alleys and more.


While pink is seen as a colour of femininity, grace, and romance, it can also evoke a strong response if done in a darker shade. From salmon to pastel to a newer shade of millennial pink, one thing is for sure, pink is definitely a conversation starter and an eye-catcher. If you’re wondering how pink can suit your space, why not get in touch with our friendly onestop professionals for a free consultation here. Maybe pink might just be your colour.

25 June 2021