Furniture and furnishings have been a part of civilization ever since the beginning of time. The cave men made use of naturally available materials like rocks and stones to make his shoddy furniture. As the times have evolved, so has man’s choice of furniture. We look for high class furniture that not only is in union with the aesthetics of the surroundings, we also want them to be durable and long lasting.

Starting in 2019, onestop is putting together an annual in-house catalogue of unique products that we offer.


Our new Nusa Collection brings together an assortment of island inspired furniture pieces, specially constructed by our craftsmen in Indonesia. This range offers coffee tables, dining tables, sofas, sun beds. Each of these is carefully designed to create an oasis of tranquil island living anywhere in the world.

The materials offered in the Nusa Collection include solid teak, synthetic wicker, and a variety of outdoor fabrics. As a native to tropical climate, teak is resistant to sea spray and environmental challenges. Teak is not only durable; it also has tactile dimensional qualities.

Fibres and fabrics are important in order to give the furniture a classy look and add the upholstery when required. Synthetic wicker and different kinds of fabrics provide a sophisticated surface that is both water resistant and lightweight. These qualities allow these materials to be cleaned without fearing fading off of the colours.

Here is a quick look at what you can expect from our Nusa Collection.


The Gili series is wicker-centric, offering dining tables, coffee tables and corner tables in square or round dimensions. Each of these is constructed with teak wood in oiled finishing, topped with synthetic wicker weaving. We also offer optional tempered glass to be placed on top of the tables.


The Damar series will remind you of well used boardwalks. This series has table tops that feature plank arrangements with subtle rectangular notches. In the Damar series you will find corner tables, rectangular or square coffee tables, and square or round dining tables.


The Nanipa series features unique trapezoidal frames with upholstered seats and back cushions. The materials used for these cushions are either normal or quick dry foam, featured in deep blue or sand white. The Nanipa series also includes sun beds with or without armrests and easily removable side trays.


Constructed based on natural hues and designs, the Kiffa series pairs perfectly with the Damar range. Kiffa offers foldable chairs that are easy to carry. These chairs are built with all natural teak, available with a wicker backrest.


This classic and sophisticated design adds the perfect classy look to any outdoor dinner. The chairs are designed with comfortable wicker seats and backrests, combined with subtly tapered legs for a sturdy yet elegant structure.

For further information about our Nusa Collection Outdoor Range, download our brochure here. For customised interiors using Nusa’s wide range of furniture, speak to us today to explore the countless possibilities.

10 May 2019