Times are changing. As people’s habits and behaviours develop through the years, so too must the environment around us—even when it comes to the well-established retail & hospitality industry of hotels. While they’re traditionally used for blissful rest and unencumbered relaxation, these days, hotels have to be so much more. With the rising popularity of AirBnB, it is now no secret that guests want different options and activities to do when finding a place for lodging. Some look for conducive environments to catch up on work when needed, and others might just want to get more out of the traditional hotel room experience.

There are many ways to do just a little bit more for your hotel. Our team at onestop have prepared this article to let you know how you can transform your existing spaces to improve your hotel’s guest experience beyond the hotel room and establish your branding more effectively. Read on to learn more!


The hotel lobby serves as the first instance of your guests interacting with your brand outside of the web. And much like many first dates these days, a good impression means a returning visit is more likely to happen. Right from the first step in, guests should feel like they’re entering a new environment and be able to discern what your brand is about, outlining the kind of experience they can expect in their stay. Whether you’re going for a local charm, grandiose luxury or rejuvenating relaxation, the environment that you cultivate will invite guests to stop, look and wonder. And you can amplify the mood by simply playing with lighting, such as these examples here.


Communal spaces are essential—especially in the age of remote working (WFH). Guests are spending less time in their rooms and more time in communal spaces, offering hotels an opportunity to create a more immersive experience within their premises. Instead of just having ordinary sitting areas in the hotel lobby, a simple restructuring to create functional co-working spaces, bars or even lounges with refreshments are ways hotels can capitalise on this new guest behaviour. And it benefits the hotel as much as the guest, allowing hotels to keep any food and beverage revenue within its premises while it serves to make the guests’ stay more convenient. It’s an easy way to get a great review of the overall experience.


Raffles Hotel, Singapore

Here’s a department that’s commonly overlooked in a hotel: retail and entertainment. Most hotels simply sell postcards and random souvenirs by the lobby without recognising that this is yet another avenue to offer a more unique wholesome experience for their guests. And there’s more to it than simply offering good deals and discounts. What you showcase in your retail space will help tell the story of what your brand stands for. Whether it’s a micro pop-up of local designers, a mini bookstore housing curated collections or even a luxury accessory boutique, having a well-established retail concept can help solidify your brand’s image. It may even attract more local footfall to the hotel too!


At the end of the day, creating memorable experiences for guests is at the core of the service sector. And there are many ways to go about it beyond the traditional offerings of a hotel. At onestop, we’re here to help your business reach its full potential by providing unique solutions and systems that can stand the test of time. Feel free to contact us here for a free consultation on your business. And do follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn to stay updated on more commercial space-related tips!

30 November 2020