Hotel Lighting Tips to Keep Your Guests Happy

Proper hotel lighting influences your guest’s mood. At the same time, well-positioned lighting helps your guests to meet positive feelings. In the hotel, a perfect lighting plan matters a lot than we imagine.

According to a survey, the guests consider the hotel lighting system when they leave feedback on the hotel. So, it’s time to focus on how hotel lighting tips make your clients happy. Here we’re going to share some of the hotel lighting tips that will ensure a positive and memorable experience for your guests.


When lighting matters draw your guest’s attention, you’ll need to seriously consider asking a light planner. Great lighting together with your layout can enhance your hotel’s overall design and ambience.

Aside from just decorative, lighting should be practical. This means practical for staff and also for guests. When considering this, it’s good to consult a professional in the industry who can help you to plan your lighting.


Quality comes first. No matter what type of lighting you choose, the important thing is to invest in quality. Purchasing good quality lighting to begin with can help save a lot of expenses for repairs and replacements in the future.


Hotels often combine various spaces to meet the diverse needs of their guests. This includes hotel rooms, restaurants, hotel lobby, meeting rooms, ballrooms, event halls, and much more.

Weddings most likely require different lighting from a business meeting. With this in mind, its important to plan each space and what you think it will be used for. That way, you can ensure your hotel looks gorgeous for any event, and also meets the needs of your guests.

For example, large chandeliers are a grand and stylish way to both light up and decorate spaces such as lounge areas or ballrooms. These classic pieces work best in large areas or rooms with higher ceilings.

LED lights are a top choice as accents on feature walls, while standing lamps can be used in lounge areas and guest rooms.

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As previously mentioned, different areas need different types of lighting. You probably shouldn’t install bathroom lights in the hotel room! Aside from this, it’s important to think about the switches. Some lights may need to be controlled by guests, while others don’t.

If you are interested in IT-based systems, it may be useful to consider touch panels for your guests to use at ease. Of course, make sure this is only available for the lighting that you want your guests to be able to control.

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When it comes to lighting, LEDs are a top choice in hotels these days. These are used not only for practical lighting, but also for decorative effects. They are also beneficial due to their low energy use and affordable pricing.

As compared to traditional incandescent lights, LEDs use between 25-80% less power, and can last up to 20 times longer. Although LEDs have a slightly higher starting price, its longer life-span and lower energy usage make it more cost effective in the long run.

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You know your business well. Try to install a creative as well as unique lighting plan for your hotel. While good lighting may not always be noticeable by your guests, the correct lighting can certainly help to provide a much more enjoyable stay.

19 November 2019