In 2019, onestop was involved in the fitting out of various key sites as part of Crossroads Maldives. These sites include the Hard Rock Maldives resort, SAii Lagoon Maldives, Curio Collection by Hilton, and the two anchoring cafés on the development – Café Del Mar, and Hard Rock café.

Despite an average timeline of 12 months for a project of such large scale, the team managed to complete it within 8 months with strong coordination across 6 different countries and 200 individuals, supported by onestop’s in-house factories located in Indonesia and China.

Through the successful collaboration with Eco-id Architects Pte Ltd and Singha Estate, the onestop team was able to pay extensive attention to detail throughout the project while overcoming various challenges and skilfully completing construction despite having to work round the clock in shifts to meet the timeline.


Recessed walls in hotel rooms at SAii Lagoon Maldives, Curio Collection by Hilton

onestop carried out extensive masonry and carpentry work for SAii Lagoon Maldives’ Curio Collection by Hilton. This involved the installation of intricate details such as recessed walls adorned with spoon patterns, which required 2 layers of wood to achieve the desired effect. Throughout the construction process, the team also had to manage and overcome design changes within the tight schedule, delivering quality pieces of work on time.


Brass detailing at Café Del Mar, Maldives

Another elaborate task that onestop had to undertake was for the fitting out of Café Del Mar, that involved the assembling and plating of pure brass motifs throughout the restaurant to suit the overall design theme. This process had to be carried out in Singapore, which housed the necessary equipment that could achieve the ideal mirrored finishing of the brass motifs.

The electroplating process was a complex one as the motifs had to be assembled and welded into the final product before being plated. After the plating, the motifs had to be soaked in a water bath, which required a container large enough to accommodate furniture pieces such as lounge chairs and aircon grills. While this entire process took 3 months to complete, onestop’s determination to the better make ensured that the finished pieces met the desired quality standards.

Curved furniture pieces at Café Del Mar, Maldives (Left – Mock up at onestop’s factory; Right – Finished product at Café Del Mar)

Another highlight of the restaurant was the curved furniture pieces that were custom-made for the restaurant. This initially proved challenging as the teams were required to manufacture curved seats that combined solid wood carvings with woven backrests. Mock-ups of the pieces were first completed in the factory before being sent out for stress testing to ensure their durability. Due to the restaurant’s proximity to the sea, the curved features’ construction also required the rattan to be curved and joint together without the use of nails as they would tend to rust. To overcome this, the team went the extra mile to split the rattan into 3 pieces, and weaved them together to increase the longevity of the furniture.

At the same time, the onestop team also collaborated with the project’s appointed interior designer to secure the right fabric for the furniture pieces to match the floor tiles of the restaurant to create an cohesive look that suited the design theme. Overall, onestop was proud to have been able to produce quality furniture that brought together a unified design for Café Del Mar.


Triangular wallpaper inside the rooms at Hard Rock Hotel, Maldives

onestop’s work on the Hard Rock Hotel was not without its challenges. During initial phases of the installation of wallpaper in the hotel rooms, the triangular sheets had adhered well to the surface of the walls in an air-conditioned environment. However, in the presence of heat and humidity, which is characteristic of the Maldivian landscape, the team quickly discovered that they did not stick as well and had the tendency to drop. To overcome this roadblock, the team spent weeks sourcing for more effective glue that kept the triangular sheets in place regardless of atmospheric conditions.


Despite facing various challenges and tight timelines given for this project, the onestop team managed to work effectively and collaboratively across teams in multiple countries to deliver quality products and complete the construction journey within 8 months. The team behind the Crossroads project once again proved that no matter the level of work needed for a job, they are more than capable to take it on and push the limits of quality satisfaction. If you’re looking for a professional opinion for your upcoming project, then why not get in touch with our team here for a free consultation!

27 August 2021