Great food. Excellent conversations. Treasured memories. These aspects of a great dining experience are brought together by one silent factor—an amazing ambience. And as restaurants are quickly getting filled up as they reopen their doors for Singapore’s Phase 2 of the Circuit Breaker, the public’s hunger for the whole affair has never been more apparent. In the recent years of our operation, we’ve had the opportunity to be a part of a few inspiring themed restaurant projects that were built and designed with the focus of bringing these dining experiences to life. Here are some of the onestop team’s favourite picks.


Just take one step into Bayswater Kitchen and you can almost feel waves crashing on your chest against the serene sounds of the marina. This nautical-themed seafood restaurant uses clever textures and cool tones to provide an escape from the city and get diners into a holiday mood. Across its indoor and outdoor seating areas, you’ll find accents of lighter coloured wood and different shades of blue that amplify its breezy vibes. And there’s more to their distinct look and feel, their delicious bouillabaisse has a reputation of its own!


Serving up a mix of classic favourites and innovative creations, Empress Restaurant is not to be missed for a bite of some casual Chinese cuisine within a contemporary setting. Its beautiful interior was designed to suit the vibrant and iconic backdrop of the Singapore River with a combination of natural materials, such as wicker and rattan, and urban textures in its furniture. Evenings spent here are truly a treat for the mind, body, and soul. Interested in completing your space with rattan too? Check out our guide on caring for rattan here.


This beloved café is known for its cosy atmosphere and casual dining. Housed in the corner of the museum, Privé’s indoor and outdoor spaces were carefully designed with the museum’s heritage in mind. By using mixed materials in its furniture – rattan as a traditional and natural element, with leather fabric cushions – it creates a chic ambience that’s the perfect setting for casual conversations. Light up the open space with a wide mirror spanning its outer walls and now you have an intimate touch of modernity pressed against the museum’s beautiful original architecture.


Unlike the Privé at Asian Civilisation Museum, this branch at Clarke Quay lends itself to a more tropical theme with plants and natural materials abundant throughout its space. Bar stools, lounge chairs, and fabric sofas with wood accents sit casually to create a cosy hangout suitable for all ages. Its easy-going vibe is complemented with great lighting design in the form of warm light features to soften the diner’s gaze. (See our lighting tips here.) And don’t be fooled by its relaxed atmosphere now, this venue also plays host to live band performances, stand-up comedy, and other interactive events, which will resume when COVID-19 regulations ease.


Contrary to popular belief, food isn’t the only factor that showcases a restaurant’s good taste. When it comes to building a successful restaurant, the perfect blend of design and food must complement each other for a truly unique dining experience to get diners coming back for more. And making it work is easy—just contact us here for a consultation on your project. We look forward to working with you to create one-off furniture pieces to bring your ideas and concepts to life.

14 July 2020