Choosing the right furniture to fit your commercial needs is always a priority. And it matters, even more, when it comes to pet-friendly establishments. Everything’s better with a furry friend! These days, more and more commercial venues are changing their policies to accept pets within their vicinity. Some cafes and restaurants also have menus for dogs to dine together with their humans, not forgetting the many pet-friendly hotels and accommodations available.

Even though it’s tempting to open your businesses to these good boys and girls, pet-proofing an establishment from scratch can be a challenging feat. Fret not, your trusty onestop team has some suggestions on how to start with furniture for your spaces to make sure they are durable and ready for both humans and pets to get comfy.


Photo credit: Arhaus

Grungy yet sleek. Classic yet modern. Distressed leather has the perfect aesthetic to suit an effortlessly sophisticated look. As a fabric choice for pets, none makes more sense than this durable material which is also easy to maintain. Most marks are easily wiped clean with a damp cloth, and it won’t snag claws or trap fur. And sure, normal leather is as durable too, but pre-distressed leather will make sure you won’t have to worry about scratches. After all, more scratches only add to the distressed aesthetic of the leather! Now that’s a smart choice for longevity.


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That’s right – velvet. While velvet is a typical go-to fabric for pulling together a stylish interior, it can be difficult to manage if you plan to have it around cats and dogs. Being as high maintenance as it is, it’s usually a no-no with pets. However, that’s where performance velvet comes in. Just like distressed leather, performance velvet is designed to look pre-distressed and holds up surprisingly well against scratches and other pet-related accidents. All you need to do is treat it with a sustainable stain repellent and you’ll have a couch that will last through the lifetime of your business.


For die-hard fabric fans, there’s a secret way to choose ones that will stand up to any potential harm from pets. And it’s a simple rule: the tighter the fabric weave, the better the fabric. Tweed, corduroy and anything with an open weave are more susceptible to damage from pets as they can easily get snagged by claws and unravel over time. Some better choices would be canvas, denim, man-made microfiber, or twill. These are sturdy enough to withstand most abuse and come in a range of design options to suit your setting, from colour choices to patterned textures. Of course, the safest pick would be darker colours so that tough dirt or stains won’t show easily.


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No matter which material you choose, there are some extra tips on pet-proofing your furniture and ensuring a long-lasting usage. For instance, choose metal instead of wooden legs for your furniture, so that even if your pets have an itchy jaw, there’s no chance for them to chew it away. And if the design fits, choose stylish outdoor furniture to be used indoors – they are more durable and are resistant to weather conditions and pets alike. Lastly, choose patterned fabric when upholstering to better hide tough stains and loose fur in the future.


Here at onestop, we strive to provide furnishing solutions for every kind of need – no matter what they are, even as unconventional as pet-friendly alternatives. In the course of our many years working on various projects, the one thing we know by heart is to not fear restrictions when designing a space. So don’t let the naysayers bring your pet-friendly ideas down. With the right knowledge and resources, anyone will be able to successfully pet-proof their commercial spaces safely and economically. Feel free to approach us to bring your ideal aesthetics and functions to life – we’re just a click away. Contact us here.

29 September 2020