Do you provide installations?

For projects where built-in furniture is required, we are able to arrange for installation on site. Please note that this service depends on your project’s location and country of delivery.

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Onestop’s factories – where are they and what are their capabilities?

Unlike other hospitality furniture providers, we strongly believe that owning our facilities provides the best possible service and products for our clients. Our strengths come from a combination of skills and expertise rooted in various manufacturing techniques – both modern and traditional. We own and manage a high-tech production facility in China, and work [...]

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Singapore isn’t renowned as a manufacturing hub – why are you based there?

Onestop owns its manufacturing facilities. We believe that our all-Singaporean, multilingual team understands our clients better because they can provide a bridge between East and West. Singapore is situated in a central position relative to all our manufacturing bases, which allows us to manage our product quality and processes more efficiently. Although Onestop owns [...]

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