Do you have any certifications?

We have certifications on our operations meeting international standards (ISO 9001:2015) as well as the SVLK Certification on Indonesian legal wood that we used for our furniture materials.

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Where are your materials sourced from?

We have local and regional insights into choosing the best materials. Most of our materials are sourced from our China and Indonesia furniture manufacturers. We curate these personally and monitor every stage of their transformation – from concept to finished product. We always aim to use the most sustainable sources we can for our [...]

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Do you provide installations?

For projects where built-in furniture is required, we are able to arrange for installation on site. Please note that this service depends on your project’s location and country of delivery.

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What are your prices?

Prices are typically quoted according to the materials required, the level of difficulty involved and the size of the order for your custom furniture manufacturing. Let us know your budget so we can offer you the best advice.

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How long does delivery take?

Typically, all shop drawings and material sample requests will arrive within two weeks. Mock-ups usually take four weeks. Post mock-up review bulk orders take between eight and ten weeks. Timings may vary due to quantity. We are capable of delivering anywhere in the world. We currently have custom resort furniture projects in the Maldives, [...]

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Onestop’s factories – where are they and what are their capabilities?

Unlike other hospitality furniture providers, we strongly believe that owning our facilities provides the best possible service and products for our clients. Our strengths come from a combination of skills and expertise rooted in various manufacturing techniques – both modern and traditional. We own and manage a high-tech production facility in China, and work [...]

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Singapore isn’t renowned as a manufacturing hub – why are you based there?

Onestop owns its manufacturing facilities. We believe that our all-Singaporean, multilingual team understands our clients better because they can provide a bridge between East and West. Singapore is situated in a central position relative to all our manufacturing bases, which allows us to manage our product quality and processes more efficiently. Although Onestop owns [...]

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Who should I contact?

Do you have additional questions about Onestop’s custom furniture services? Please send an email to A member of the Onestop team will reply to you as soon as possible.

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