All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Well, this rule doesn’t just apply to one’s actions – it’s as much about interior designing in commercial spaces as well! We’ve all been there before. Drab walls. Uninspired pantry areas. Tiresome partitions. The workspaces of the past do more to encourage distraction than to promote a healthy focus at work. And as we’ve been seeing in the past decade, more and more workspaces are transforming their spaces with thoughtful open designs and characteristic furniture to boost the way employees think, work and interact every day.

There’s no reason you can’t employ simple transformations in your spaces too! Read on to learn about the leading trends in commercial furniture, observed by the onestop team.


Photo credit: Coalesse 

Natural? Organic? Eco-friendly? It’s not uncommon to hear these words strewn about when discussing trends in health & beauty products, but it is a growing sector of furniture design too! Designing spaces with natural textures and materials help bridge a much-needed connection with nature, especially in fast-paced environments. The seemingly old-school but contemporary materials like rattan and wicker are making a comeback in recent years, thanks to a consumer shift in environmentally-conscious lifestyles. And even still, there is room to get creative with alternatives like bamboo, with its unique texture and tensile strength, perfect for use in building steady furniture. These materials are sustainable, eco-friendly, and long-lasting. And best of all, they can easily give users a feel of respite from the everyday, especially when used in outdoor spaces.


Photo credit: Coalesse 

Forget the big boxy sofas and mundane office recliners. Use C-shaped sectionals and circular club chairs to infuse your spaces with a new energy. These voluptuous favourites are great at adding a retro look to your corners with a balance of modernity and function. Paired with geometric designs, they’ll easily fit into any modern interior design plans. What’s more, studies have shown that rounded corners are easier on the eyes than sharp-edged ones, allowing our eyes to easily follow the lines of the curves as they are better suited to the natural movement of our eyes and heads. This might be a minute detail, but as an everyday object around you, they matter!


Photo credit: Interface

Our eyes and mind are just but one of the few ways we benefit from expertly curated spaces. Textures you can touch and feel play a big part in pulling a space together as well. And of them all, velvet is the standout star. Lusciously sophisticated, velvet textures ooze a subtle grace with a luxurious sense of warmth. When used together with youthful colours such as millennial pink, you can effectively introduce an element of soft, neutral sophistication without sacrificing the bold, modern, masculinity of a space. Plus, the added comfort will surely have a soothing effect on the office rush.


Photo credit: Hyatt, Shanghai 

For all of mankind’s progression through the years, somehow things always come back to the way things started. And the development of commercial spaces is no exception. As we move on to more colourful designs, more open spaces and more modern looks, it is the traditional details that never go out of style. European-inspired, elaborately intricate and formal-looking, any space is elevated with the vintage combination of dark woods and luxe fabrics. Add a touch of rich colours like deep red or mahogany brown and you’ve got a space that glows with a stately elegance that conjures up a sense of pride for those who walk within it. And it matches perfectly with modern pieces without making the space look too old.


Nowadays, running a successful business is not just about the numbers, it’s about keeping a mentally healthy and inspired workforce too – especially in the wake of uncertainty due to COVID-19. And these trends are a good place to start for anyone who’s looking to zhush up their commercial spaces. We’ve got you covered for any enquiries about these furniture trends. Get in touch with us here and we’ll work towards your ideas with you.

15 September 2020