Design is an ever-evolving art form. Whether you fall prey to the whimsies of the latest fashion fads or fawn over the most buzzworthy artworks, there’s no denying that there’s always a new trend coming up. And much like the most meticulously planned outfits on the runway, restaurant design, too, follows its own path of intricate trends that develop throughout the year.

From the latest colour palettes to the most exciting textures, the onestop team has carefully curated a guide to some of the emerging trends we’ve been loving in 2020.


Photo credit: Opasly Tom, Warsaw

Some say that colour is a power that can affect your mood. Well, it certainly rings true when it comes to restaurant design. Certain ranges of colour famously induce hunger subtly, such as your warmer tones like orange or red, while others can cool the mood in a space, such as grey and blue. However, by making use of two-toned designs, you can greatly play on the strengths of each and elevate a space into a modern casual retreat in the city. It can also give your brand a unique identity you can own, with bold combinations such as pink and green, beige and white, or orange and brown. Start designing now with our colour guide here.


Photo credit: Hi-So Rooftop Bar, Bangkok

A cluttered cityscape. Multiple-storey high rises. Limited outdoor spaces. It’s easy to see why dining on a rooftop is quickly becoming a staple feature in some of the most exclusive haunts in the city. Throw in a gorgeous view with the right outdoor furniture and you’ve got a recipe for the perfect ambience to host customers for an extended period. For more on what furniture works in Singapore’s tropical weather, see our outdoor furniture guide here.


In this age of mindfulness, maintaining health and wellness is one of the top priorities of today’s customers. And nothing helps a space feel cosier with a sense of rejuvenation and vitality than decorating it with plants. Restaurateurs, nowadays, are playing with more of these green friends to liven up their spaces. Placing them in corners near the windows, inside on a living wall, or in an outdoor seating area also helps to add an organic feel to the food served in your restaurant. Plus, it always looks great on your customer’s photos on social media, giving you natural media exposure.


Photo credit: Merci Marcel, Tiong Bahru

Intentionally unintentional mix-and-match furniture. As an upcoming trend in residential designs, it comes to no surprise that this trend made its way into commercial spaces and restaurants. Easily incorporated into any existing interior, all it takes is unique furnishing, textiles and lighting to pull a textured look together. You can pair various patterned fabric and plush textiles with a contemporary wood-look flooring design or combine mixed metal lighting fixtures with special flooring and wall finishes for a quirky look that invites customers into your space. If not, you can always play with small decorative pieces like pillows to act as a great mix-and-match accent. Learn more about the different types of materials and their maintenance here.


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One of the most expected trends we’ve noticed globally, since the start of COVID-19, is the emergence of food-holding areas for customers and third-party delivery drivers to pick up orders made online. There is no doubt that this new norm is here to stay. And catering for a designated location in your restaurant can help cut down congestion within your spaces, especially to help observe social distancing policies. Some restaurants are even installing takeaway kiosks at the edge of their spaces to create more seats within for dine-in customers.


Ultimately, trends come and go, but what keeps a successful business running is having the right vision and sticking to it faithfully. Just look at some examples of the themed restaurants we’ve had the opportunity of working on here. So follow your heart and get to bringing your concepts to life! And if you need help in any area, feel free to contact us for a consultation. We look forward to speaking with you!

28 July 2020