If you’ve been following our blog, you would know by now that wood is a very versatile material that can be manipulated into various forms and designs. It can also complement many themes and looks that one is going for. However, did you know that wood can also work well paired with other materials and textures to achieve a masterful look for your space? These combinations are often picked by designers as they can create a unique experience in that space. Let’s walk through some locations and see how these winning combinations work together. And perhaps, they might just inspire your next project.


Wood and woven fibre combination seen at Empress Restaurant

Because these two materials can be categorised as natural material, wood and woven fibre complement each other extremely well in terms of colour, textures and patterns. Woven fibres on the dining chairs are predominantly used in this restaurant to match the wooden dining tabletops while eye-catching colours such as red, white, and green exude the feeling of cosiness and in the restaurant without compromising the natural aesthetic of the materials. Warm lighting also invites guests to make themselves comfortable when they’re in the restaurant.


Wood and tiles combination seen at Straits Clan

Take a glance at the interior of Straits Clan and you’ll immediately know the aesthetics they’re going for. With gorgeous tiles and wooden furniture complementing each other, it is easy to see why they are one of the best-looking private clubs in Singapore. Each room features a distinct set of tiles that are different to each other and plays with colours and patterns against rich wood tones to bring out varying moods and styles experienced in the club. A place that brings like-minded people together, the ecclectic décor found here also looks to inspire guests to challenge the status quo. Each themed room features different textures and lighting so that the guests know where to work or play.


Wood and marble combination seen at Privé

Elegant is the word that pops up first when we think of Privé Clarke Quay. With wooden textures on the dining chairs and marble tabletops to complete the look, it is a classy yet modest design at one of Singapore’s most famous night spots. These marble tabletops also work well cleverly paired with softer fabric upholstering in matching colours. With at least 3 distinct sections –live music, al-fresco dining, and indoor sofa seating – in the restaurant, each section delivers distinct cosy vibes that guests can relish in. The use of greenery in the restaurant also lends to the welcomingatmosphere one undoubtedly experiences at this space.


Wood and industrial theme seen at Musling Restaurant by Space Copenhagen

If you’re looking for a design that screams formality without being too fancy, then the minimalist and industrial approach of Musling Restaurant at Copenhagen, Denmark is the space to see. Using simple dark colours to complement the amount of sunlight entering through large windows is a clever way to also accentuate the wooden textures of their furniture. From dining chairs to booth seats and dining tables, these woodgrain textures create a warm atmosphere where their guests can feel comfortable. Basic grey shades on the walls and the brown leather seats further reveal a quiet confidence in minimalistic design and the elegant mood that sets. Formal without being too formal. It is a way to attract the young and trendy without having them feel out of place.


While colours and textures play a huge part in creating a space, one should also look at material combinations to see what works and what doesn’t. A space should be built with a theme in mind and then the atmosphere you wish to create. While there are many ways to go about this, seeking help from a professional is the simplest way forward. If you’re looking for a winning combination, get in touch with our team here for a free consultation!

30 July 2021