There are all sorts of travellers in the world. From your typical family vacationers to the globe-trotting business leaders, each group of travellers come with their own ideas of what makes the perfect hotel—even for the local staycationers. With the effects of COVID-19 over the past year, everyone’s sense of comfort and luxury is evolving. And that means that as a business, we’ll have to evolve too.

Hotels now have a more diverse group of guests to serve than ever before. That’s why keeping up to date on the latest hospitality trends and designs will not only improve the level of service you can offer, but serve to create a better environment for your guests. Read on to learn which design inspirations are coming to hotels this year, curated by the onestop team.


Home is where the heart is. Everybody loves the comfort of feeling a sense of belonging in a space, especially those who are constantly on the move. In the age of Airbnbs and home rentals, hotels are developing new concepts such as designing a hotel room as a full-fledged home space. And they’re doing it with warm colour palettes, expressive décor, superbly-equipped bathrooms and mini kitchens in every space. Space planning, layout design and zoning are the keys to making it work, especially in creating a hip studio space and not a grandma’s apartment.



How green can a hotel get? Well, you’d be surprised. The steady rise of the conscious consumer has led to many industries adopting eco-solutions in their operations, and the hotel industry is no exception. Simple things like saving energy with motion-sensor lights, using innovative air purification systems and water filters, or even prioritising high-quality natural furnishing materials such as natural wood or large-format porcelain stoneware are some of the more popular eco-solutions this year. Some of these are cost-effective as well, adding real value to the business on top of the eco-friendly image that the hotel gains.


Prince De Galles, Paris

Modern, contemporary, classic, art deco, minimalism—don’t be shocked to see rooms in each of these different styles on the same floor of a new hotel. Room designs based on a single template are now becoming less and less relevant when every guest has a preference for what they desire, and every hotel is trying to offer a unique experience to their guests. The competitive nature of the hotel industry has pushed hoteliers to expand the variety of rooms under their roofs to cater to every traveller that comes their way.


The world is quickly changing, faster than ever before. And the best insurance for your business is to stay open to the change and adapt to them. As the COVID-19 vaccine situation continues to develop and work its way to bringing the world back to normal, you can bet that the hotel industry landscape will get competitive real fast too. Now is the time to explore these ideas and let us bring them to life for you. Check-in with us here for a free consultation on your business and don’t forget to watch out for more tips on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages!

22 January 2021