Delving Deeper Into Space Planning

Interior design isn’t just about pretty furniture and well-placed mirrors. Space planning plays a huge role in the interior design process. Whether for commercial or residential interior projects, planning appropriate spaces for their respective usages is as crucial as the aesthetic design. And that’s the key difference between a good design and a smart one.

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Breaking Down Various Woven Furniture Techniques.

The beauty and appeal natural materials bring to complete a neutral look is irreplaceable. Rattan chairs and other woven furniture bring an air of relaxation into every room they’re placed in. In this article, we’ll share the pros and cons of different weaving techniques so you’ll know what to look out for when you’re shopping for your concepts!

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Maximising Efficiency Through Hotel Storage Optimisation

Most hotels focus their attention on their front-of-house, often leaving their back-of-house operations as an afterthought. However, the ultimate key to unlocking a flawless guest experience – the organisation. In this article, we’ll share some tips on how to sync up the moving parts of daily hotel operations with proper storage solutions.

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Cleaning Up The Facts Around Upholstery Fabrics.

In the spirit of Chinese New Year and spring cleaning, our onestop team has prepared this guide to some of the best fabrics and materials to use for upholstery that are easy to take care of and disinfect. Maybe it’s time to consider a change of upholstery for you too!

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Check-In For Our 2021 Hotel Design Inspirations.

Hotels now have a more diverse group of guests to serve than ever before. That’s why keeping up to date on the latest hospitality trends and designs will not only improve the level of service you can offer, but serve to create a better environment for your guests. Read on to learn which design inspirations are coming to hotels this year, curated by the onestop team.

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Change Begins From The Inside — Interior Trends That Are Going Away In 2021.

COVID-19 has impacted the way we spend our time indoors. And that brings with it a change in what we desire, what we deem comfortable, even what we find appealing—especially in the spaces where we spend the bulk of our time every day. Here, the onestop team has compiled a list of some interior design trends that we think won’t be making a comeback this year. Have a look and maybe it’ll inspire some change within your own spaces too!

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Whet Your Appetite For Our 2021 Restaurant Design Trends.

These days, restaurants are far more than just places to get your grub on. Thanks to the coronavirus and subsequent lockdowns, people are finding ways to cope with the lack of overseas travels. And one of those ways is by exploring interesting spaces with new cuisines to fill their bellies.

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