Furnishing a restaurant? It’s a matter of having good taste.

Great food. Excellent conversations. Treasured memories. These aspects of a great dining experience are brought together by one silent factor—an amazing ambience. And as restaurants are quickly getting filled up as they reopen their doors for Singapore’s Phase 2 of the Circuit Breaker, the public’s hunger for the whole affair has never been more apparent.

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How The Future Of Interior Design Is Changing Today

A good idea is the first step to creating. As a hotel owner, you have a desire to design your hotel furniture in a unique way that will help you to create a customer-friendly atmosphere at your hotel. No doubt, you also want it to be unique and look stunning with the right furniture and decor that will attract more customers.

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Stay In-the-know About Outdoor F&B Furniture

Under the beautiful weather, there’s no denying the fact that restaurants with outdoor seating areas provide a quaint charm and brief escape from our largely boxed-in everyday lives. Having a beautifully cozy open air addition to your establishment naturally enhances your ambience like no other—when it’s done right. For your convenience, our onestop team has compiled an easy guide of things to consider for outdoor furniture in F&B-related businesses.

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Coming Clean with Effective Furniture Sanitising

With the advent of COVID-19, having the know-how to clean, maintain, and most importantly, sanitise your furniture is becoming an increasingly crucial everyday skill to possess. Even more so when you’re in the F&B and hospitality industry – no one wants to be linked to a health scare. Luckily for you, we’ve gotten our hands dirty on the topic, so you won’t have to.

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Back on track

To say the year’s events so far have been riddled with changes would be putting it mildly. Even still, we’re delighted to announce that, despite the state of global affairs surrounding COVID-19 outbreaks, our business is ongoing as per normal. And thanks to precautionary measures taken well in advance, our factory in Guangdong, China is back on track.

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A look at Color Trends for Hotels

Creativity is probably one of the initial things that will catch your customer’s eye. This could be creativity in design, layout, and even the colour palette. Different colours can represent different things, and can change the overall appearance of your hotel.

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How to Make the Most of Large Spaces

Large spaces in hotels provide the opportunity for an impressive statement in terms of design and layout. But how do you make the most of these large spaces? To decorate a hotel room means ensuring the lights are in the right places, and using the right colours and textures to meet the theme or style that you have in mind.

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