Dishing out the latest in restaurant design trends.

Design is an ever-evolving art form. Whether you fall prey to the whimsies of the latest fashion fads or fawn over the most buzzworthy artworks, there’s no denying that there’s always a new trend coming up. And much like the most meticulously planned outfits on the runway, restaurant design, too, follows its own path of intricate trends that develop throughout the year.

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Strengthening our foundations in Indonesia.

It’s been a long time coming, but now, we’re thrilled to finally announce the completion of our very own in-house production facility in Solo, Central Java—adding a unique combined capability to our arsenal, together with our first in-house production facility in China.

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Staying prepared: Boost your knowledge about materials!

Materials can make or break the mood of your space. Whether you’re grooming places for living, work, or play, choosing the right materials for your furniture plays a crucial part in making the space of your dreams come alive. And if there’s one thing the recent COVID-19 situation has taught us, it’s to always be prepared – especially with insights that are useful to your future endeavours.

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onestop 2019: A Year in Review

As the year comes to a close, we’d like to take a moment to look back on the projects, milestones, and goals that were achieved in 2019. Here at Onestop, we thrive on working together to provide solutions that have a positive impact on our clients’ businesses.

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Things to Consider When Designing Hotel Furniture & Interior

A good idea is the first step to creating. As a hotel owner, you have a desire to design your hotel furniture in a unique way that will help you to create a customer-friendly atmosphere at your hotel. No doubt, you also want it to be unique and look stunning with the right furniture and decor that will attract more customers.

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Setting the Atmosphere with the Right Restaurant Furniture

Many of us have favourite restaurants, or ones that we think stand out among the rest. What are the things that we have taken into account when we choose restaurants? Pricing and menu may vary from one restaurant to another. But aside from just pricing and menu, another point that many say influences their decision is the atmosphere. According to studies, 75% of consumers say that the colour scheme and layout of a restaurant was a deciding factor.

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5 Steps to Protecting your Furniture from the Environment

Your furniture and interior decor are one of the most important parts of your hotel or resort. Some may also consider it to be among the most crucial purchasing decisions for your hotel. One of the first steps to ensuring your furniture lasts a long time is to select the right materials depending on what your furniture is being used for. For example, full fabric-upholstered sofas would probably not be suitable for outdoors.

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Improving Customer Experience: It’s more than just design

There are a number of factors that can make or break a business. The hospitality industry is one such business where the customer holds this ultimate power. The customer is your brand ambassador. No doubt, hanging beautiful paintings on the walls of your hotel lobby or using luxurious carpets and unique resort furniture can create a great impression. However, what defines your business is the experience and memories your customer takes with him while leaving the hotel.

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9 Design Tips for Small Hotel Rooms

There were times when lodges providing bed and breakfast were high in business. However, with changing times the requirements of the average traveller has also changed. People do not always need meals to be provided. They may look for smaller hotels to meet the needs of a good night’s sleep and a good shower to take on the rest of the day.

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How to Select and Care for Metal Furniture

The fast changing world has seen many different types of materials used in furniture and furnishings. However, metal furniture has never gone out of fashion. Aluminium, steel and wrought iron are among the common types of metal used in furniture making. The durability of these metals is the main attraction among the patrons.

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Tips for Creating a Fantastic Hotel Lobby Experience

Creating a fantastic lobby experience is an essential factor when it comes to the hotel industry. The only place that everybody in the hotel sees and goes through every single day is the lobby. This is why for us, as suppliers of custom furniture and interior fit-out services, the first thing that comes to mind is how to make this experience marvelous.

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Nusa Collection: A new Range in Luxury Island Furniture

Furniture and furnishings have been a part of civilization ever since the beginning of time. The cave men made use of naturally available materials like rocks and stones to make his shoddy furniture. As the times have evolved, so has man’s choice of furniture. We look for high class furniture that not only is in union with the aesthetics of the surroundings, we also want them to be durable and long lasting.

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A Look behind the Scenes at Onestop

Getting your perfect custom made furniture is a process that requires several different steps. Today, we will talk about the entire process – from an idea all the way to after sales service. Our factories in China, Indonesia, and Malaysiahave a team of more than 300 people. These consist of highly-skilled artisans, craftspeople, drafters, weaving experts who work as a team and are ready to support at a moment’s notice should any need arise. In this article we focus on what happens behind the scenes with an item inside our factories.

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5 Interesting uses of Glass, Ceramic & Resin for your Resort

Glass is not believed to be a man-made product. Scientists claim that Mother Nature creates glass as well. Glass is formed when a molten material cools so rapidly that there is not enough time for a crystalline structure to form. For example, if lava from a volcano cools down rapidly a glass like rock is formed called obsidian. A wide variety of styles and uses makes glass decor popular choice for many hotels and resorts.

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