Onestop: A look-back on 2018

With 2018 coming to a close, we wanted to take this time to look back on what has been accomplished this year. 2018 has been a busy but exciting year with a lot accomplished and a lot more to look forward to!

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Suppliers You Should Know: Onestop

The Maldivian hospitality industry has today grown to a level previously unthought of. With the country labelled as one of the top luxury destinations, guests expect the very best in all aspects of a resort. The design and furnishings of a resort are key to creating a lasting impression and ensuring a luxury tropical island vacation for all visitors.

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Introducing our new Interior Fit-out Services

onestop is happy to announce a new addition to our services. We want to help our clients to get their interior fitout done as smoothly as possible. While we had previously focused mainly on custom made furniture for loose fittings, we’re now including complete interior fitout so we can be your onestop provider of hospitality and f&b interior design.

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4 Must Have Resort Furniture Types to look out For in 2019

Here at onestop, we love thinking of new and unique ways to make your hotel and resort stand out from the rest. One of our favourite things is getting away from the more standard items, and focusing on resort furniture pieces that help set a mood or atmosphere for your property, and even create a memorable experience for your guests.

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4 Easy Tips To make your Teak Furniture last longer

Teak is an exceptionally durable wood and is a popular choice for hotel and resort furniture. The wood is particularly ideal for outdoor use, such as patio and garden furniture. Teak is stronger than many other hardwoods due to its natural oil finish. This helps it to withstand harsh weather conditions better than other kinds of wood, and even protects it from moisture as well as insects.

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Hospitality Trends: Design meets Health & Wellness

Health and wellness as part of daily life seems to be a growing trend. But, perhaps it’s much more than that. The conditions of our environment play a big role in our physical and mental wellness, for healthier and happier lives. While it may be fairly easy to create a desired environment in our own homes, this may not be as easy in public spaces.

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Going Green: 7 Tips for an Eco-Friendly Hotel

These days, many more travelers are considering the environment when making their travel plans. This could include everything from how people pack, to what they buy, to finding eco-friendly hotels or resorts to stay in. Eco-tourism is not just a trend, but has become a movement which is increasing every year.

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Tips on How to Care for your Rattan Furniture

Rattan furniture is a lightweight and stylish addition to your interior design. Rattan furniture in Singapore, Maldives, or other tropical countries, may be used either indoors or outdoors. As rattan is a natural material, it is known for creating furniture pieces which are strong and durable.

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4 Fantastic Restaurant Interior Designs in Singapore

When it comes to cafés and restaurants, interior design can be just as important as serving good food and drinks. This is especially true in Singapore where local restaurants and bars are in constant competition to stand out from the crowd. So what does it take to make a super stylish awesome restaurant? It’s not as easy as you might think. There are so many factors involved when it comes to your café or restaurant interior design.

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Paradise Redesigned: 4 Amazing Maldives Hotel Interiors

The Maldives as a destination is best known for its beautiful sandy white beaches, sunny weather, and breathtaking surroundings. And of course, none of this would be complete without a vast array of luxury island resorts to choose from. When it comes to the Maldivian hotel scene – think panoramic terraces, over water villas, and fantastic tropical architecture.

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Custom vs Ready-Made: Finding the perfect Furniture Solution for your Resort

Selecting furniture for your resort is an exciting process. There are so many styles and manufacturers to choose from, and each item you pick will shape the look and feel of your property. Deciding between ready-made and custom pieces may be the first step you take on this journey. There are several factors worth considering when choosing your resort furniture.

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4 Hot Maldivian Resort Design Trends to watch in 2018

Since 2012, tourism in the Maldives has risen by more than seven per cent a year, and 2018 is rife with opportunity for further growth. Many local resorts are experimenting with the latest design trends, altering and updating their properties to attract new guests. Discover some of the hottest innovations in Maldivian Resort Design below.

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4 Tips on Choosing the Right Materials for Coastal Climate Resorts

Choosing furniture for your home is different to selecting pieces for a resort that welcomes thousands of guests each year. Delicate items made from luxurious materials suited to a beautiful house or apartment aren’t designed for serious wear and tear, after all. Quality resort furniture, on the other hand, combines good looks and durability to ensure it lasts at least a year or two before a replacement is needed.

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How your Resort can Attract Millennial Travellers to the Maldives

Traditionally, visitors to the Maldives were usually older travellers in search of peace and quiet, or honeymooners enjoying a romantic getaway. The market has shifted though, and young people are now flocking to the island nation. Their presence has given the tourist industry a welcome boost and hotels and resorts have much to gain by connecting with this key demographic.

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