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Checking in: How hotels maintain calmness through design

What does lines, scent and sound have to do with hotels? The five senses are the natural abilities of humans and are often activated instinctively. Discover ways to achieve a sense of serenity throughout your hotel with certain stimulations and how you can create a lasting memory in your guests’ minds.

2022-10-25T17:23:46+08:00October 25th, 2022|2022|

Turning your tiny bathroom into a sanctuary

Gorgeous bed frame, check. Cosy lighting and ambience, check. Balcony with sublime views, double check. But what about the bathroom? Don’t limit yourself to the constraints of the space. Find out how you can turn any bathroom of any size into a sanctuary.

2022-10-25T17:28:49+08:00October 10th, 2022|2022|

Lasting Furniture To Endure The Right Weather

When designing a space we spend plenty of time thinking about the theme, colour, and space distribution. However, it is important to be mindful of the environmental elements as some materials flourish in certain climates whilst others deteriorate.

2022-02-22T10:23:42+08:00February 22nd, 2022|2022|

Green Cities & Urban Landscapes, How Do They Fit

Singapore is known globally as a Garden City. There have been conscious efforts to live up to that title with green initiatives. With the Singapore Green Plan 2030 already in motion, sustainable living, green economy, and city in nature are key pointers to take note of when planning for the future.

2021-12-06T13:46:08+08:00December 6th, 2021|2021|

Creating A Unique Look with Traditional and Modern Styles

There are different interior designs across the world, hence it is important to note which style is adopted in certain regions so that you can cater to that specific audience. This article discusses traditional and modern interior designs, and styles commonly featured in different locations.

2021-11-12T17:09:43+08:00November 12th, 2021|2021|

Furniture Making: The Beauty In The Details

The art of furniture making lies in the details, it is important to take these into consideration when producing the perfect piece of furniture to suit your needs. This article delves into the intricacies involved in making a high-quality piece of furniture.

2021-10-08T12:27:02+08:00October 8th, 2021|2021|


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