Arlo Hotel in New York, USA

There were times when lodges providing bed and breakfast were high in business. However, with changing times the requirements of the average traveller has also changed. People do not always need meals to be provided. They may look for smaller hotels to meet the needs of a good night’s sleep and a good shower to take on the rest of the day.

Modern day hotels strive to make the most out of little spaces, offering a cosy and comfortable stay to their patrons. Here are 9 interesting design tips for small hotel rooms:


Wall-mounted Desk at Tribute Hotel, Hong Kong

When the space is small, every square inch of floor space counts. Using wall mounted cabinets and side tables give the room a feeling of having more space than there actually is. Replacing the traditional floor lamps with hanging pendant lamps is gaining widespread popularity.


Multi-functional furniture is the new rage in the furniture industry. From wall mounted tables that can be folded to reveal a full-length mirror, or beds that can double up as couches; these convertible furniture pieces are a huge hit when it comes to saving spaces.


Sliding balcony doors at Santa Grand Hotel in Bugis, Singapore

The conventional doors that open in and out definitely occupy more space than you would like. Replace these doors with sliding doors, be it for the entrance to the ensuite bathroom or even the wardrobes. Sliding doors are the answer to saving the space you never noticed was being used.


Dividing the room to look like the living area, the dining area or the study room using furniture like bookshelves is a great idea. It not just allows you to differentiate between the areas; it is also a wise use of furniture thus cutting down the space used by walls. If privacy is a concern, curtains may be used as well.


An example of strategic furniture positioning at Hunstanton Bed & Breakfast, UK

Sometimes dividing the room is not possible. In such times strategic positioning of the furniture can go a long way. For example, place the study table just behind the couch instead of pushing it against a wall. Or place the couch right in front of the bed. So when your visitor is watching TV sitting on the couch, he does not have the view of the bed. This creates a psychological delusion of being in a different space even though practically the bed is right behind him.


Tiny reading corner at Motto Hotel by Hilton

Most of the times the corners are not really used. Instead of placing a plant or decoration in the corner of the room, try converting it into a reading corner. Place a soft chair, throw in a couple of pillows, a cosy rug and a side table with storage for books. The most awkward corners of the room will look inviting.


A simple hanging space at Alex Hotel in Perth, Austral

When talking of small hotel rooms, walk-in closets are practically impossible to have. Hanging closets can help in saving space instead of the classic wardrobes. These hanging closets are supported by a rail that is affixed to the wall.


Strategically placed mirrors can make a small hotel room appear larger

Placing mirrors at places from where they can reflect light makes the room appear bigger than they actually are. Not only do mirrors add to the aesthetic sense of the space, they are also useful for patrons especially if the hotel decides to skip the wardrobe for hanging closets.


Full wall window at Tribe Hotel in Perth, Australia

Windows are an integral part of any room. Clear, full height windows that allow more light are helpful in making any space appear bigger and more welcoming.

These are just a few tips that can help make smaller spaces of your hotel more accommodating for your guests. Have a question about design for your hotel? onestop is a leading provider of interior fit-out services for hotels, resorts, and restaurants around the world. Get in touch with our team today.

1 July 2019